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Dr. Zhao Han’s research interests lie in human-robot interaction (HRI)augmented reality (AR), robotics, and artificial intelligence (AI). His goal is to develop capable and understandable robotic systems and interactions with humans.

For advancing this work, Dr. Han and his collaborators design, implement and experiment with proactive interactions, causal and preferred robot explanations, explanation generation using interpretable behavior trees, mobile manipulation (perception, manipulation, and navigation) algorithms, multimodal communications, headset-free projection mapping augmented reality (AR), behavioral and cognitive insights from psychology, and more.

These novel interactions and prototypes are evaluated in different domains and contexts with rigorous quantitative and qualitative human-subjects studies, including integrated mobile manipulation, human-robot handovers, teleoperation (mental workload), assistive robotics, as well as during robot failures and with ethical considerations.

Previously in his M.S. thesis, he investigated frequent itemset mining for non-experts using cloud computing and novel visualization, a subfield of data mining.


Robot Competitions

Dr. Han has a deep software development background, especially ROS, and is skilled at project management.

During his Ph.D., he has proposed, budgeted, and led three teams of students, researchers, and engineers to win

ADI Real-Time Sensor Fusion Challenge

ADI Real-Time Sensor Fusion Challenge


In this challenge, we proposed an augmented reality (AR) project titled “Human-Aware Projection Mapping for Robot Intention”. Leading a team of three, we were awarded $2,500 seed funding and this project led to two scientific publications. Competition Proposal Robots are now increasingly deployed in areas ranging from factories and warehouses to private homes. Externalizing a……

Panasonic Prototype 3D LiDAR Challenge

Panasonic Prototype 3D LiDAR Challenge

First Place

Competition Proposal In a factory or warehouse, if a mechanical part (e.g., a small gear) is accidentally left on the floor — or a robot dropped an item while operating — it may end up in the path of another robot (e.g., autonomous mobile robot, or AMR, delivering items). The robot may not be able……

FetchIt Mobile Manipulation Challenge at ICRA 2019

FetchIt Mobile Manipulation Challenge at ICRA 2019

Second Place

In the competition, a Fetch mobile manipulator robot autonomously navigates to stations in a narrow work cell to pick parts in irregular shape (screws, gears, gearbox parts) and machine large gears by inserting into a narrow chuck, transport and place them into a human-friendly caddy, and drop off the caddy on a specified region at……

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