AI-HRI 2020 — 2020 AAAI Fall Symposium on The Artificial Intelligence for Human-Robot Interaction (AI-HRI)

Proceedings of the AI-HRI Symposium at AAAI-FSS 2020

Shelly Bagchi, Jason R. Wilson, Muneeb I. Ahmad, Christian Dondrup, Zhao Han, Justin W. Hart, Matteo Leonetti, Katrin Lohan, Ross Mead, Emmanuel Senft, Jivko Sinapov and Megan L. Zimmerman

AI HRI 2020
  • Nov 13, 2020

    I am a Program Chair of The AAAI Fall Symposium on The Artificial Intelligence for Human-Robot Interaction (AI-HRI '20)!


The Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) Symposium has been a successful venue of discussion and collaboration since 2014. In that time, the related topic of trust in robotics has been rapidly growing, with major research efforts at universities and laboratories across the world. Indeed, many of the past participants in AI-HRI have been or are now involved with research into trust in HRI. While trust has no consensus definition, it is regularly associated with predictability, reliability, inciting confidence, and meeting expectations. Furthermore, it is generally believed that trust is crucial for adoption of both AI and robotics, particularly when transitioning technologies from the lab to industrial, social, and consumer applications. However, how does trust apply to the specific situations we encounter in the AI-HRI sphere? Is the notion of trust in AI the same as that in HRI? We see a growing need for research that lives directly at the intersection of AI and HRI that is serviced by this symposium. Over the course of the two-day meeting, we propose to create a collaborative forum for discussion of current efforts in trust for AI-HRI, with a sub-session focused on the related topic of explainable AI (XAI) for HRI.