Augmented Reality (Fall 2022)

Technical Topic Presentation

Present your technical topic to the class on 10/27, 11/1, 11/4, or 11/8.

If you would like to present on a certain day, please let me know before 10/20. On 10/20, I will post a schedule, of who is giving a presentation on which day.


Your presentation should be professional, as if you were presenting it at a conference, or to a potential customer or employer.

The presentation should be 5 to 6 minutes long, which requires good practice before you present. Over-6-minute presentations will be interrupted to make sure classes end on time.

Use slides and show videos if they help understanding the topic. Upload your slides to Canvas prior to your presentation.

Important points for presentations:

  • Give an introduction as to what your topic is. Why is it useful for AR, and what are the intended use cases?
  • Provide enough technical detail so that someone will come away with a deeper understanding of the topic, rather than a superficial understanding. You don’t have enough time to go into a lot of detail on everything, so pick one or two interesting and important aspects, and go into detail on those.
  • Assume that your audience is people who are familiar with AR, but not necessarily your specific topic (namely, the students in our class). They should be able to follow your presentation.
  • Comment on the topic, and describe strengths or weaknesses, or the issues (positive and negative).

Reviewing presentations

By 11/10, you should review four other presentations (each on a different day), and post one question to each of the authors of these presentations. I suggest posting one question before the next presentation day to distribute the workload for this assignment.

The questions should be thoughtful and specific to the work presented. The questions cannot be the same for multiple presentations. The question cannot have been asked of that presentation before. The authors should then post answers to the questions.

Graduate students

Graduate students are expected to show a deeper understanding of their topic in the presentation. Also, graduate students must cite at least two relevant papers from peer-reviewed conferences or one journal paper. 

Rubrics (100 pts)

  • (15 pts) Presentation within 5 to 6 minutes.
  • (40 pts) Presentation clarity and completeness; insight and understanding of the topic.
  • (15 pts) Questions asked for presentations on different days.
  • (15 pts) Quality of the questions you ask.
  • (15 pts) Quality of the answers you give.