Augmented Reality (Fall 2022)

Team Policies Agreement

As you may have experienced in your other group projects, effective teamwork needs extra effort to make it happen.

You and your teammate will have around six weeks to work on your project. To reach your final goal, we break it into two checkpoints at the beginning of week two and week four. You will need to report progress, provide team assessment, and peer review at each checkpoint. They are also opportunities to get feedback.

To help you have a successful and positive experience throughout this project, you and your teammate will work together and develop a team policies agreement from this guide in this assignment.

As stated in the guide, this document represents the team consensus on matters related to the project: being prepared for meetings, doing work on time, making decisions, and assessing how you are working together. They are essential teamwork skills in the real-world workplace.

This document sets mutual expectations and will help you prevent unproductive conflict. However, if this happens, I would like to meet during office hours to help sort out problems.


All team members need to submit a PDF copy of the document to show both parties have agreed.