Augmented Reality (Fall 2022)

Final Project Teaser

Give a “teaser” presentation of your final project on 11/22.

A teaser presentation is a short (3 minutes max) “elevator pitch” of your project to your classmates. The purpose of a teaser is to provoke interest in your project, not to tell all about it. So, you should pick one or two of the most important aspects of your project, and focus on that, without rushing to describe everything. Each group has 1 minute for questions.

Note that you don’t have to have the final project completed in order to give your teaser presentation! The idea is to just give a preview, so that your classmates will want to come to your final demo later.


Reply to this discussion topic before the class on 11/22 with

  1. the other group member’s name
  2. and one or two graphics (e.g., snapshots).

Short Group Talk

During the class on 11/22, each group will give their “teaser” presentation. No slides are necessary.

Rubrics (10 pts)

  • 3 pts – Teaser talk as described above
  • 5 pts – Talk within 3 minutes (practice!)
  • 2 pts – One or two graphics