Augmented Reality (Fall 2022)

Final Project Proposal

The final project is to create an augmented reality app. The first step is to create a proposal. This is a collaborative effort, so all students should work in teams of two on the project.

The project should result in an application that you can demonstrate at the end of the semester. It should run on a smartphone or the Magic Leap 1 headset.

In your proposal, describe the application, what it will do, and why you are interested in this. Include initial sketches and drawings of what the user interface will look like. (The sketches or drawings don’t have to be high quality, but they should be good enough to give an idea of what you are proposing.) Also say what you think will be the main challenges to its implementation and your plan to cope it.

For groups with graduate students, the proposal should include a related work section with at least four references. Briefly summarize these four papers, discuss how they relate to your proposal and how your project is different. Your project does not require the same level of novelty as academic papers.

The scope of the project should be more than each of the assignments that we have had so far (at least 2 times as much). To limit the scope to a manageable amount, you can build on the assignments that we have done so far.

Here are some suggestions, which should not limit your creativity:

  • Develop a tool for someone to annotate an complex object with labels and instructions, so that another person can subsequently view the annotations to get guidance on how to operate or maintain it.
  • Develop a tool for someone to place labels in a large room, so that someone else could find objects in that room.
  • Develop a game with physical objects to control characters.
  • Visualization of some complex data (electric field, or protein molecule), where you can interactively control aspects of the visualization.


  • October 13. Upload the proposal, which should be one to two pages of text, plus a page or two of sketches. I will review the proposals and may ask for a clarification or resubmission.
  • Starting November 22. Teaser presentations to class (instructions will follow).