Augmented Reality (Fall 2022)

Final Project Demo and Reviews

Demo (10 pts)

Give a demo for your project either on 11/29 (T) or 12/1 (Th). Teams demonstrating on 11/19 can have a few to-do items left.

If you would like to present on a certain day, please reply to this topic with a reasonable request before 11/28 (M). On 11/28, this topic will be closed, and I will finalize the schedule below.

To your instructor and classmates, each team should talk about the features of the project, the design and implementation, and overall teamwork. This should prepare you for the video and write-up in the final report.

Reviews (20 pts)

Review two final projects on the day your team is not demonstrating in class.

For each, talk to the project team and write a review (half of a page in length), giving detailed comments on the design, implementation, and suggestions for future work.

Demo Schedule