Augmented Reality (Fall 2022)

Final Project Checkpoints

Note: This is a collaborative assignment except for the peer evaluation.

I am looking forward to seeing your augmented reality app! At each checkpoint, you and your teammate will showcase what you have achieved and reflect on the progress.

Here are the requirements and deliverables of each checkpoint.

  • The app should already run on a smartphone or Magic Leap 1.
  • [10 pts] Video: Create a video showing the current features of the project. You should verbally narrate the video, or use text titles, so that someone can understand what is going on.
  • [5 pts] Achievement and reflection: In terms of functionality and teamwork, write up to one page about what your team has achieved and your plan, and reflect on what went well and what can be improved. Your reflection should be structured around coordination, meeting, and decision-making, as seen in your team policies agreement.
  • [5 pts] Peer evaluation: Discuss with your teammate first and submit ratings of your teammate the following statements on a 1-5 scale with 1 being disagree and 5 being agree. Explain each of your ratings in a sentence.
    1. Arrive on time to meetings
    2. Come prepared for meetings
    3. Balance participation among team members
    4. Disagree respectfully
    5. Create an inclusive environment
    6. Meet goals
  • If you and your teammate want to update your team policies agreement, feel free to submit an updated version.


  • For peer evaluation, each team member needs to submit.
  • For the others, only one member needs to submit.

    Due Dates

    • Checkpoint 1: November 8
    • Checkpoint 2: November 22